Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Coming Soon! MyHealthyLife™ WellConnect

Starting July 1st, Mission-Well and Mission FitKik will transition to a new program, MyHealthyLife WellConnect. We're excited to launch MyHealthyLife WellConnect: a new wellness program just for you! MyHealthyLife  WellConnect is a voluntary program that makes it easy to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routine, no matter how busy you are.  Our new tools help you track your progress so that you can get active, stay connected, and earn rewards! To learn more about the launch schedule, click here

Login on July 1st at https://wellconnect.my-healthy-life.org to get started! 

Mission-Well and FitKIK Transition

REMEMBER for the current quarter:
·June 16th is the last day to earn points for the current quarter. The only exception is the Red Cross Blood Drive on June 17th 7am-6pm in the Library at 501 Biltmore Ave. All donors on that day will earn 25 points for this quarter.
·You will have until Monday June 16th at midnight to offload your Acti-Ped. FitKik data will be transfered for June on the 16th.
·All Documentation that needs to be verified for points must be turned into Corporate Wellness by Friday June 20th.
·You only need 125 points to reach the incentive goal for this quarter!
·You only need 7 1/2 hours of walking, 5 hours of running or 6 gym visits by June 16th to meet your June fitness goal.
·Your points from this quarter will not rollover into the new program. All of your points will be used in this quarter.
·You will be able to keep your Acti-Ped to use in the new program or you can purchase the latest and greatest version, the Pebble™.
·Your FitKIK account will be de-activated automatically…we will do that for you.


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